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Boston College Irish Studies Program

Abbey Theater Ireland

Belfast Film Festival

Boston College Irish Film Series
Boston Irish Film Festival 2007
Celtic Film and Television Festival
Cherbourg-Octeville Film Festival
Chicago Irish Film Festival
Cork Film Festival
Darklight Digital Festival
Dublin International Film Festival
Dublin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Fresh Film Festival
Galway Film Fleadh
Horrorthon Festival

Irish in Film - Irish Film Database
Kerry Film Festival
Mid Ulster Film Festival
New York Film Fleadh

Seagate Foyle Film Festival
Stranger than Fiction

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Saint Patricks Day Parades In Boston, Massachusetts Courtesy of Saint Patrick's Day Parades Irish Massachusetts

Courtesy:  Irish Massachusetts

Saint Patrick's Day Parades & Events


The Abbey Theatre Ireland - Boston Irish Pubs

Abbey Theater Ireland



BBC UK Northern Ireland

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Planning a Trip to Boston?  Boston is the capital of Irish America and Ireland's home away from home.

Don't forget to visit Greater Boston's Famous Irish Pubs, Irish Restaurants and Irish Bars.

They're a "Little Bit of Ireland" right here in Massachusetts.


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